Emergency Management Program Review


We provide a detailed examination of all aspects of your existing Emergency Management Program, including current plans, existing resource and community evaluation and documentation to provide

  • A comprehensive summary report of program strengths and needs
  • Strategies and tactics to achieve full compliance
  • Suggestions and paths for ongoing compliance



Plan, Policy and Procedure Development


We assist you in developing customized emergency and disaster plans, policies or procedures for their organization to ensure compliance and maximize safety.

  • Hazard Vulnerability Analyses
  • General Emergency Plans
  • Communication Plans
  • Training and Testing Plans
  • Continuity of Operations Plans
  • Emergency Policies and Procedures



Training and Testing Services


We come to you with all staff emergency training and testing, online or in person, in a wide variety of in-place emergency plans, policies and procedures, including

  • All staff emergency training and development
  • In person or online specified training (Active Shooter, Incident Command System, etc)
  • Senior Leadership disaster management orientation




Drill and Exercise Facilitation


For Executive Directors and CEOs who need the resources and expertise to plan, prepare, execute and document full scale exercises, tabletop exercises and emergency drills including

  • Multidisciplinary and multijurisdictional full-scale exercises
  • Tabletop exercises
  • Emergency and Disaster drills based on facility response plans
  • Documentation, follow-up and revision of associated emergency plans, policies and procedures.




Comprehensive Emergency Management Program Services


For Executive Directors and CEOs who wish to outsource their emergency management programs to the extent possible, allowing their internal resources to focus on their core competencies.  Includes all of our services, done in collaboration and cooperation with your organization.



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